Can I Get a Witness?

Having thousands of connections in the digital marketing space is valuable but having over a hundred of them testify on your behalf is priceless. Below are recommendations made via LinkedIn for Aaron Goldman, Managing Partner of Connectual. Browse by Tag, Last Name, or Company.


Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Peter Stabler | Associate Partner, Director of Communication Strategy
hired Aaron as a SEM in 2006, and hired Aaron more than once

I hired Aaron and the Resolution media team to bring our agency up to search speed, fast. He's a patient, highly-informed practitioner who was able to de-mystify SEM/SEO for a collection of agency-side luddites. The man is a tireless monster of search marketing who possesses the most enviable of marketing skills: blogging back from over the horizon.


May Sari-Scoggins | Team Lead
was with another company when working with Aaron at Resolution Media

Aaron Goldman is passionate expert in the Search Industry, who always pushes for excellence and innovation. I worked with Aaron for over 3 years while he was at Resolution Media. Aaron's energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and is inspirational to work with. He will be successful in anything he puts his mind to.


Azi Zali | Account Executive
hired Aaron as a Career Coach in 2007

I met Aaron Goldman during 2007 the University of Illinois Advertising Career Night, held by the College of Media and have kept in touch with him since then. He was always glad to have the chance to talk with me and others seeking career advice. As a public speaker, he demonstrated having unique insight into the development of digital services. His lectures were easy to follow; he was sensitive to the audience’s concerns and responsive to our comments.

Besides having superb media and advertising expertise, Aaron is also generous with his knowledge and grateful to the institutions he has learned from. In my personal communication with him, he has given me great advice and continues to be consistent, encouraging, and timely. I fully believe in Aaron Goldman’s ability to lead and create a success with his new venture.

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