Can I Get a Witness?

Having thousands of connections in the digital marketing space is valuable but having over a hundred of them testify on your behalf is priceless. Below are recommendations made via LinkedIn for Aaron Goldman, Managing Partner of Connectual. Browse by Tag, Last Name, or Company.



Jennifer Razor | U.S. Director, Business Development
worked with Aaron at Resolution Media

Aaron is highly efficient and effective. He is a problem solver, motivator and a great team player. On any given project, he always delivers and provides great insight. I highly recommend working with Aaron.

Patti Grace | HR Director
worked with Aaron at Resolution Media

First, and foremost, Aaron is a stellar person. He has integrity, wit, humor and smarts. He is highly focused and overly-committed to the deliverable. He always exceeded my expectations and those who attended his workshops, when he served as faculty for our learning & development initiatives.

He's a pro, and was always patient with me, as I navigated through the world of Search Marketing Strategy. I hope to work with him again, as it would be my pleasure.

Laura Celesia | Director, Business Development
worked with Aaron at Resolution Media

Aaron and I worked together on several new business pitches. His contributions we key to our wins. He made search exciting for the prospects. His knowledge and energy are a true asset to any endeavor.

Suhaila Suhimi | East Coast Director, Digital
worked with Aaron at Resolution Media

Aaron is one of the smartest and funniest person I know in the business. He is full of great ideas and is always ten steps ahead of everyone in his thought leadership. He is great with clients, extremely articulate and presents even the most complex concepts with ease. Anyone should feel very lucky to work with Aaron because not only will they learn a ton from him, they will also be entertained by his rapping skills!

Tamara Bousquet | Global Digital Director
worked with Aaron at Resolution Media

I had the pleasure of working with Aaron for the past 6 years or so...first as a business partner when Aaron was at Max Online and next as an agency partner at Resolution Media/OMD collaborating on Apple's worldwide search business. Aaron has always impressed me with his robust knowledge of digital strategy; he is an expert!

He always delivers more than one would expect and brings value to the conversation. Additionally, Aaron's a true professional and is very passionate about his work and relationships. I look forward to working with Aaron for many years to come!

Scott Marsden | Group Director of Strategy, Digital
was with another company when working with Aaron at Resolution Media

After working with Aaron both directly and indirectly for almost three years, I can say he delivers on his word and product. The key part of any business relationship is communication and making sure you follow through on your commitments. Aaron always followed up with me. I would recommend Aaron as a strong partner.

Andy Rowe | Group Account Director
worked with Aaron at Resolution Media

Aaron and I pitched and won some large accounts together. His knowledge of his business and presentation skills are fantastic.

Omnicom Media Group

John Donahue | Global Director of Business Intelligence Analytics
worked with Aaron at Resolution Media

Aaron is a true star. He brings to the table industry leadership, new business results, amazing leadership skills and most of all a great spirit. A star I say...a star.

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