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Where Are We Going?

Q&A in MEDIA Magazine

Saturday, October 31, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

I did a Q&A for MEDIA Magazine that was published in the September print edition focused on the future of media. I can't find the content online so I'll repurpose the text here...
Interview with Phyllis Fine

What is the biggest change coming?

Goldman: A Google and TiVo mash-up platform, crawling all the digital content that's available, which will allow you to choose what you want to see and make it available to you on-demand in a queue, taking the element of recommendations that TiVo's been able to do. It's one part …

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Inside Google Editions

5 Proposed Ad Formats for Google's Online Book Platform

Monday, October 19, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

Google Book Reader

Last week, Google announced its intentions to launch a new "new online service for booksellers next year called Google Editions, which will let readers buy books and read them on gadgets ranging from cell phones to possibly e-book devices." The AP has the story and MediaPost has the analysis including some of my thoughts. As has become my modus operandi, I'll share the excerpt here and provide more color commentary immediately following.
Connectual Managing Partner Aaron Goldman believes Google may be underestimating the …

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How Marketers Can Leverage Twitter Lists

It's Time to Go Beyond List-ening

Sunday, October 4, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

Santa's Twitter List

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Last week, Twitter announced that it would soon be rolling out a new feature that enables people to create lists of Twitter accounts. So, for example, you could create a list of restaurants in New York or SEO professionals as a way to better customize your Twitterstream and make it easier to keep up with everyone you follow. These lists would be "public by default (but can be made private) and the lists you've created are linked from your profile."

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