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Calling Connectual, Come in Connectual

Once a Search Guy, Always a Search Guy

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

Posted In: Press / Press Mentions / Search Engine Marketing

Now I know how John Battelle feels. He wrote the book on search and forever became the expert on all things Google. Even these days, with John at the helm of conversational marketing firm, Federated Media, he still gets called to comment anytime Google sneezes.

So too, have I been branded a Search Insider for life. Like John, I don't mind it one bit, though. As the saying goes, "Call me what you like, just call me."

Truth is, I'm still quite smitten by search despite the scope of Connectual being much broader. I love to opine on where search is going and how marketers can leverage SEM both for activation and business intelligence (all royalties to PHD's new US Director of Digital, Lance Neuhauser, for stealing his verbiage there).

To that end, I was more than happy when Laurie Sullivan from MediaPost came calling today for my thoughts on Google's eBook endeavor. I won't regurgitate my analysis -- see today's post on my digital marketing blog for the full context -- but here's the snippet from the article, Google eBook Deal Could Provide Interaction With Ads.

"Web-enabled devices, such as ebook readers, provide feedback. Google exited radio and print because information suggesting advertising worked wasn't available, but TV enables them to track interaction through set-top boxes. Aaron Goldman, managing partner at Connectual, says it's not only tracking response, but engagement with the ad. Google relies on that learning algorithm to provide services."


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