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“Connectual to Help Marketers Better Connect”

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself...

Monday, April 13, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

Posted In: Press Coverage

More coverage of today's launch. This one from Biz Report. Here's the full article...

Connectual to Help Marketers Better Connect
by Kristina Knight

Advertising veteran Aaron Goldman has launched a new company called Connectual; the company is said to help marketers and businesses delve through the myriad marketing solutions available to better connect with the platforms which could be of the most help. The company will connect marketers with agencies, media companies and tech providers.

"By leveraging my vast network and knowledge of the space, I'll help companies grow by reaching their target audience with a compelling solution," said Aaron Goldman, Connectual founder. In today's economy, interactive marketing is one of the few industries still growing and innovating. But, as the space fragments, marketers are having a tough time scaling their programs profitably. Meanwhile, agencies are under pressure to develop new business to offset client budget cuts. Likewise, media and technology companies are struggling to reach key decision makers with limited sales and marketing resources."

By matching marketers with the right solutions, Connectual could help drive revenue, especially in a faltering economy. The right connections in business, as in life, are the difference in success and failure. Especially in the digital world, marketers are sometimes bombarded with a number of different platforms; for many, their solution is to blindly choose and hope. By having platforms matched to a marketer or campaign the blinders are effectively removed.

Before launching Connectual Goldman was vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships with search marketing agency Resolution Media.


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