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ad:tech Digital Marketing Webinar

1 Presentation, 10 Trends, 20 Minutes

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

Posted In: Digital Marketing / Tips and Tricks

Here's a recording of the webinar I hosted for ad:tech today titled, "Cashing in on the Top 10 Hottest Areas of Digital Marketing."

Over the course of 20 minutes, I count down the 10 trends getting the most attention in digital marketing today and share 1 actionable tip for each one to help companies capitalize.

I start off with some analysis of recent data put out by Forrester showing current and projected growth in digital marketing broken down by channel.

Following the presentation, we go into moderated Q&A where I spend another 20 minutes or so addressing some great questions from attendees ranging from the biggest mistake marketers make when investing in digital marketing to the role of the agency 5 years down the line.

SPOILER ALERT: the top 10 list covered in the webinar mirrors the list I shared in my post, "What's Hot In Digital Marketing?"

I'd love to continue the Q&A on this blog so please leave comments with anything you'd like me to go deeper on or general feedback about the presentation.

Update: There was an interesting audience polling question during the webinar that I discuss further on my digital marketing blog.


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