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Your Digital Marketing Concierge

Connectual, At Your Service

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

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Yesterday I had lunch with Sam Wehrs from Starcom. As I was describing the Connectual model to him, he made the observation that essentially I'm a digital marketing concierge. As Owen Burke would say, "Nailed It!" In fact, I like that analogy so much I've updated the Connectual digital marketing services for marketers page and now refer to my role as concierge rather than general contractor.

At the end of the day (or beginning of the day, if you're a morning person), a good concierge can size up your needs, preferences, etc. and leverage his or her relationships to get you in to those hard to find places. A good concierge thrives on showcasing those hidden gems that only the insiders know about and a tourist would never find on his or her own. And, of course, concierge services are free of charge and funded through kickbacks from the places where the business is steered.

Ultimately, Connectual operates in the same capacity. By taking a consultative approach and really going deep into the marketer's business needs, I'm able to surface key attributes like risk-tolerance, resource availability, asset inventory, etc. and leverage my connections to bring the right partners to the table. And I really get my jollies by introducing new innovative solutions and first-look opportunities that the digital marketing tourist would had never unearthed. And, in true concierge fashion, Connectual is compensated by the providers so marketers are able to tap the service for free.

So... who needs reservations? 


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