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Connectual Gets Physical

And, Yes, the Curtains Match the Drapes!

Monday, June 14, 2010 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

Posted In: About Connectual

On June 1st, Connectual opened its first office at 220 W. Huron Suite 3002 in the River North area of Chicago. The idea is to create a hub for digital marketeers to network, brainstorm, and generally plot to take over the world. The space has 6 individual offices, 2 conference rooms, kitchenette, bathroom and a nice big main room with 4 desks, a couch, and a closet. Plenty of room to get Connectual!

Each of the individual offices are being sub-leased to like-minded entrepreneurial types in the digital space. Currently the inhabitants of this microcosm of the digital marketing ecosystem include Camille Fetter of Talent Foot (digital marketing recruiting), Mark Ailsworth of Elevation+ (digital marketing sales), and Adam Carpenter of Vevo (online video platform). We still have 2 open offices and 4 open desks so, if you like what you see and want to join the party, by all means, get Connectual

And, speaking of parties, we do plan to blow it out with an office-warming on July 1st so, if you're in the area and want to partake in the par-tay, feel free to come by and get your Connectual on! (Update: the party was postponed to August 5th. Recap and pics here.)

Here's a quick tour of the digs...

From the front of the building, you'd never know this place was a hotbed of digital marketing activity.

In good company.

We have an open door policy... except when it's closed.

Camille leads up the welcoming committee.

Aaron counts up the number of offices currently occupied. 

Smiling and dialing!

Plenty of "cizzle" in the corner office.

All work and no play makes Mark a dull boy.

When it comes to conducting business, Mark walks softly and carries a big stick!


Conference Room A remains unused as of yet.

Conference Room B sports that fine artwork of Caitlin Ailsworth.

Kitchenette and bathroom, aka Break Room. No Blackberries allowed!

View from the couch. 

Open office #1. Can you picture yourself here?

Open office #2. Won't you be my neighbor?


The hallway chatter is the best part about the place.

And it's a long hallway!


Can you tell who picked out the red accents for the office?


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