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Ain’t No Party Like a Connectual Party

Cuz A Connectual Doesn't Stop... 'Til Everyone's Acquainted!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

Posted In: About Connectual

Last Thursday, TalentFoot, Elevation+, Vevo, and Connectual broke in our new Chicago office with a little soiree. Here's a quick recap along with all the SFW pics... 

DJ Carpenter queued up the party mix.

Camille tried to block out the party mix and squeeze in one last business call.

Mark tested all the appetizers to make sure they weren't poisonous. The garden veggie dip was a little questionable so we tossed it.

The referral board was full and ready for, well, referrals.

The party started off like a high school dance. Guys on one side. Girls on the other.

After a few drinks though, everyone loosened up and mingled. Stacie Susens (red sleeveless shirt, background) was so impressed with the setup, she took notes for her next party.

The attendee density from Resolution Media was strong to very strong. Must've been an SEO thing.

Marc Kovarsky from Discovery took home the "Best Dressed" award.

No surprise, I was sporting the Google Me shirt promoting my book.

Did I mention these shirts are produced by (owner, Jeremy Bloom, pictured right).

Adam took a break from the DJ booth to entertain his guests.

Viji and Camille did the "no arm" trick.

Mark, always the consummate salesman, worked the hallways.

Finally Stacie stopped note-taking and began party-taking (get it, partaking?)

After an hour or so, the Connectualizing was in full force!

Brad and Alexis broke in the red couch.

Ever the gracious host, Camille ducked so Jeremy wouldn't feel too short.

Collective and WildTangent were most definitely in the house.

Sharon googled me.

Then her brother Brian and I googled each other.

After shooing everyone out and cleaning up, we posed for a family portrait. As you can see, Adam was exhausted. 

Thanks again to everyone who came and "Got Connecutal!"


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