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How does Connectual Make Money?

FAQ #3

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

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Connectual gets paid by the companies it recommends to marketers and agencies. For these providers, there are 3 standard tiers of pricing. One is a referral fee for introductions to interested clients and a hand-off of the relationship for the providers to work directly with the buyer(s). The second is a commission on any revenue that results from an opportunity that Connectual surfaces and remains actively involved in through contract execution. The third is a retainer for a broader suite of services including category-exclusive representation and consultation on business model, product development, etc.

Part of being Connectual means connecting digital marketing companies not only with leads for new clients but qualified employees. In cases where Connectual introduces a prospective candidate that gets hired by the company, Connectual takes a placement fee similar to a recruiter.
This post is part of a series addressing frequently-asked questions about Connectual. For more context and the full list of FAQs, read Why Connectual?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's question -- "How can Connectual Stay Objective if it's Compensated by Sellers?"



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